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Positive Attitude and success

Positive Attitude and success                                                                                  July 4, 2012
In my last blog I had mentioned about 3 A mantras---- Accept, Adjust and Appreciate. These work well at work place. However, to begin ushering in a robust and successful future, one needs to understand the power of three major inputs, required to promote a success conducive system in oneself. The three major inputs here are as under:
1, Knowledge
2, Skills
3, Attitude
One may say that these three inputs form a triangle of sorts in each one of us. It may be prudent here to discuss each of the inputs above to understand the import and impact of each one   of them.
1, Knowledge
One must possess excellent knowledge in one’s CORE area of operation. Knowledge is one of the main planks here. One must acquire as much knowledge as possible to enable one to perform efficiently and effectively in one’s chosen area of operation. Further, one must constantly upgrade and update one’s knowledge. For this, one must stay in touch with latest happenings in the industry as also academically.
2, Skills
Knowledge alone is not enough. One must develop sufficient skills to implement the various projects in one’s core area keeping one’s knowledge base in focus. One must constantly endeavour to improve these skills. The skills could vary depending on the chosen CORE area by any individual.
3, Attitude
It’s not merely enough to possess knowledge and skills; one must also have the right ATTITUDE which can also be termed as positive attitude. A positive or right attitude can have a profound impact towards promoting a success conducive atmosphere in any work area chosen by a person. An example elaborated   below would help understand ATTITUDE better.
A multinational company in USA sent its salesman to a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean to promote the sale of their popular brand of shoes. The Salesman on reaching the island was aghast to find that none wore shoes in the island. He immediately sent a cable message to the parent company in USA mentioning that he was rushing back home since none in the island wear shoes.
Another Salesman was then sent to the same island, who on reaching there was quite excited to find that none wore shoes in the island. He promptly sent a cable message---“Send me big consignment of shoes since none here wear shoes”.
The above example aptly describes how an attitude ought to be like at a work place.

Having understood the three inputs briefly, it may be mentioned that the triangle of the said inputs may be small initially but it should be our constant endeavour to increase the size of each side uniformly to form an equilateral triangle. It’s no use having a huge knowledge side with poor skills and even poor attitude. We have plenty of such knowledgeable arm chair critics. Knowing is not “doing” (function of skill), Doing is “doing”. If knowing was “doing” most of us would not have got married. (Lots of laugh)
All the three inputs in the right proportion go to form a success conducive base which would act as a launching pad for any aspiring person to make a tryst with his GOAL in any profession of his preferred   choice.
Needless to emphasize the principles of Accept, Adjust and Appreciate will come handy in addition to the above said inputs of Knowledge, Skills and Attitude.
Above all this is one major guiding principle which should not be lost sight of by any individual would be to pick a core area as his career which is close to his heart and which he enjoys doing most. Remember, the Quote—“If you cannot get what you like, you must like what you get.” Let us avoid such a situation and take an informed decision to choose a CORE area which one loves/likes the most.
In a nut shell ,to generate a success conducive situation at  a work place one must keep in mind and implement 3 A principles of ACCEPT,ADJUST,APPRECIATE. Develop a sound base of KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDE and above all pick up an area of operation which one LOVES/LIKES doing most.
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  1. Very well articulated my bro - quite profound. Keep it up - good job - Cheers

  2. Thank you bro for your nice comment

  3. Knowledge (needs to be up to date); Skills (lack of which makes us mere theorists); Attitude (is difficult to teach overnight, needs to be inculcated if not a part of one's personality).

    About choosing a career, I feel that our education system is flawed. AT the age of 18 (after 12th Std), no one is really aware of the consequences of choosing a particular career path. They blindly follow what their elder cousins have done. IT is the latest craze in the last decade, banking was the craze in your times.

    Our system does not allow cross talk between the various career paths (with the possible exception of IT itself which may be so hungry for 'young talent' that it is willing to take commerce graduates trained in software courses. But again, that becomes a matter of having to like what is available in the market rather than being able to carve a niche for yourself in what you like to do/ enjoy doing.

    It does take a lot of courage to chose a career that you like rather than jump into the Engg-IT bandwagon! I can tell you for sure, it is rewarding as well!!

  4. Hi KVV,

    So well articulated and presented ,especially the ATTITUDE part.I always like and appreciate your mail and blogs. Keep enlightening and entertaining us.With love and affection. Ratnakar V. Welling

  5. Hi K V V , Read both your blogs - your 3 'A 's and your Calcutta stint with R B I. You accepted the Calcutta transfer and gave your best- that shows the right attitude and it is the most appreciable part of all South Indians- if I may say so. I have never come across people from South India- who do not adjust according to the needs, unlike we Maharashtrians, who hell bent on sticking to our own Character. Truly appreciative. Kindly continue writing your experiences . Good job

  6. Thank you so much sir.your comments are invaluable.Marathi speaking people are good at heart and I have many friends among them.They are generous in their outlook and I would go to the extent of saying that they have collectively provided unofficial asylum to south Indian brhamins who were hounded out from their own states.

  7. To know how to do a job well is to enjoy it.....