Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shed pounds effortlessly

Shed pounds effortlessly
I was very keen on receiving  treatment for reducing my excess weight with LYAA WELLNESS, the moment I occupied my cottage at Melur  Meadows. However, in view of my preoccupations with tasks involved in settling down at my cottage, this was postponed. Further, during my recent visit to Bangalore in the last week of December 2011, I had to be hospitalized for treatment of Pneumonia, which further postponed my tryst with LYAA. However, I decided that on returning back after treatment to   Melur  Meadows , my first priority would be to submit myself to naturopath doctors at LYYA  to enable me to detoxify and also shed my excess weight of over 8 kgs.
Accordingly I enrolled with LYYA WELLNESS for a ten days programme commencing from February 7,2012. I found  Dr Satish and Dr Aparna attached to the clinic very friendly ,well informed and willing to share their knowledge with me. Initially I was worried, if I would be able to fast for five long days. However, the doctors convinced me, mentioning that during the fasting process  the body  with its vital  life force starts utilizing the stored excess fat which would help in shedding excess  weight. The doctors further added that the detoxification therapies administered by them would make the fasting   much more effective and purposeful.
I was now thrilled to undertake  this 10 day programme including fasting for first five days and breaking of fast  from  sixth day onwards under doctor’s supervision. The first day of the fast was  troublesome with nagging headache which I was told was on account of not consuming my daily dose of coffee/tea etc. However, this vanished on 2nd day morning and I started feeling fine. I was told to consume at least 3 litres of water every day  while Lyya wellness were providing me with liquids like coconut water ,lemon water with honey   every two hours.
As the fasting continued I started feeling lighter and lighter as also fitter than  before. All  the after effects  of  my treatment for pneumonia in January 2012 vanished. The detoxification therapies administered twice a day were having a salutary effect  on me and  I was feeling the difference for myself. At the end of fifth day of fasting, I had successfully shed about 5kgs and feeling fitter than ever before. The feeling was like driving a car after it has come back from servicing.
The fast was broken under doctor’s supervision on the sixth day. I was told that this was the most important aspect of the programme since one should not rush and consume solid food immediately. For next two days I was given fruit juices from time to time while detoxification therapies too continued twice daily. Solid food in the form of fruits were given to me on the 7th day followed by salads on the next day. On the ninth  and tenth day cooked food was  served  in lunch and fruit juices were served for breakfast.
Overall this ten day programme has a very profound effect with regard to losing excess weight and promoting good health. I strongly recommend this programme for all those who wish to shed their excess weight effortlessly  and also to those who wish to live a healthy life in harmony with nature.
Cheers-----with fruit juices only


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